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HEY! I'm Morgan but I'm hoping if you're looking at this... well I hope you know at least that much! This is my site... yeah I decided to make it b/c I'm bored and I have nothing else to do right now. Keep on looking...

If you couldn't tell by now... my friends are super important to me. I couldn't make it w/o them! Um Don't ya just love the awkward moments like this?! Um I guess I should say something about me.. ummm well I'm 15 and i'm a sophmore at  FHS and I love my school. I'm really into the whole school spirt thing and dressing up crazy for the games and like going all out! HA it's fun. I'm known for being the crazy, hyper person with my friends... I can be loud but I'm very chill most of the time.
I've been single for about 2 months now... it's starting to get on my nerves!
I'm SINGLE!!! 
I'm an emotional person and it sucks b/c I'm always the one to wear my heart on my sleave and my heart gets broken a lot. People like to take advantage of me and then i'm left feeling like crap. It seems to me that all the mad cool guys are stuck with the hoes and that's all they go for in relationships and then all the sucky guys like me! For ONCE I want a nice guy! I want my hot, sexy guy that cares about me! Not some scrub that likes my body or something. Altho I must say I do like someone right now i'm still very much single and looking! YAYUH! haha sry. --- Ummm yeah anything else IM me aedjt5me1 on AIM and i'll tell ya.


What's New?

11-7-04 - Just a few things.. I've been going around the site updating things and adding things. A few more pictures have been added to the site. Umm I think that's it for now.
10/6/04 - I just created this site so everything is new.... HAHA FOOLED YOU!

I <3 You!