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My Perfect Guy List

My Perfect Guy List

The Perfect Guy List
The perfect guy... in my eyes anyways!
In no specific order...
1) Good Personality
3) Sweet
4) Caring
5) Open Minded
6) Political Views
7) Well Spoken
8) Someone that I can be myself with
9) Great Hair (i.e. skater/bmxer/soccer player/surfer)
10) Nice Abs
11) Grabable Butt
12) Nice Smile
13) Kissable Lips
14) Deep Eyes
15) Thoughtful
16) Not Cocky
17) Confident
18) Someone that I can easily talk to
19) Athletic
20) Muscular
21) Not too tall (i.e. 6'2" or over)
22) Friendly
23) Not too Skinny (i.e. see ribs or bones thru skin/120 or less)
24) Not too Fat (i.e. 180 or over, unless it’s muscle)
25) Smart
26) Good sense of Style
27) Not Preppy
28) Musical Ability (i.e. singing/plays musical instrument)
29) Likes Animals
30) Nice to little kids
31) Not a Jealous person
32) Sensitive
33) Smells Good (i.e. NO BODY ODER/No Onion-ish smells)
34) Supportive
35) Not too hairy (i.e. chest hair, back hair, out of control arm/leg hair... happy trails are very nice if kept looking good)
36) Nice accent
37) Nice to my Friends (i.e. isn’t hateful to or around them)
38) Has his blonde moments (if you don’t know what a blonde moment is you probably just had one!)
39) Trustworthy
40) Clear Face (i.e. not way too many pimples and if you do have them you don’t let them get disgusting looking... or you have no pimples at all)
41) Not Vain
42) Clean Lifestyle (i.e. no drugs, no smoking, no drinking, at least semi clean life style)
43) Not afraid to talk about “girl issues” (i.e. periods... and what goes with that... and anything girls have to go through that you lucky boys don’t)
44) a BIT Flirtatious (i.e. just not with other girls while we’re dating) 
45) NOT perverted
46) Good Kisser (i.e. no slobber or over use of bodily fluids)
47) Confident Attitude
48) Good taste in music (i.e. almost anything but it depends on the person)
49) Classy (i.e. not a man whore!)
50) Has his limits (i.e. doesn’t just go out and do anything or any one)
51) Has Dreams (i.e. not like in his sleep, like for his life)
52) Respectful
53) Good Facial Hair (i.e. go-tee, mustache, NOTHING along the lines of Jimmy Wayne... and this includes eye brows... they must be kept looking good... no catapillar brow or continuous )
54) Funny (i.e. can make me laugh or anyone at all laugh)
55) Serious (i.e. you know when it’s time to get down to business)
56) Relaxed (i.e. not too up tight)
57) DOESN’T forget
58) Attentive (i.e. spends time with me)
59) Outdoors Person (i.e. isn’t afraid to be outside)
60) Won’t Judge people (i.e. will get to know someone before saying something about them or their lifestyle or personality)
61) Good hand writing (i.e. I can read what you write)
62) Talkative (i.e. has something to say when we talk)
63) Quizzical (i.e. likes to ask and be asked questions)
64) outgoing
65) Well Educated (i.e. not an idiot)
66) Tough (i.e. can take care of himself or me if needed)
67) Dorkish qualities (i.e. isn’t afraid to look or act like a dork)
68) Loving
69) Won’t be afraid to show me off to his friends
70) Believes in me
71) Has a faith of some kind
72) a little bit country
73) is able to cook
74) like/loves to be cooked for (cause I love to cook for people)
75) Can give a good massage
76) likes to get massages (cause I’m really good at them and love to give them!)
77) Likes to be touchy (i.e. isn’t afraid to have close body contact)
78) Has time for alone time
79) Not too clingy (i.e. give me and him “me time”)
80) Has a vocabulary
81) Sense of humor (isn’t afraid to laugh or be joked around with)
82) Daring (i.e. isn’t afraid to do things that take guts)
83) Devoted
84) Playful
85) Romantic
86) Easy-Going
87) Family Oriented
88) Long-ish legs (i.e. not stubs)
89) Long-ish fingers
90) Cute nose (i.e. not huge but not really, really small)
91) Understanding
92) Tan (i.e. this means don’t look like you could be Casper’s double!)
93) Honest
94) Not ignorant
95) Has smartellic tendencies (i.e. can hold his own with me and my friends)
96) Complimentive (i.e. likes to compliment me and I can compliment him)
97) Down to Earth
98) Mature
99) Self able (i.e. can take care of himself and do things on his own)
100) Nice to EVERYONE!
101) TALKS TO ME IN PUBLIC!!! (this is for one particular guy... hoping he gets the hint!)
102) Isn't afraid to be a little... crazy at times!
103) Isn't afraid to be laughed at
Are you newhere close to being my perfect guy???? IM me if you are!!! lol j/k

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