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Pictures of me and my friends


My collage of me and my friends

Who's who: The first girl in the green plaid shirt is Eden my bestest friend in the whole wide world!!, The second girl in the glasses is Amanda she's one of my best friends, The next girl in the red hoodie is Brittany she's another one of my best friends, The girl in the blue is Tiffany she's one of my really good friends, The girl under her in the orange is K8E she's another really good friend of mine, next to her is me, next to me (closest to me) is Katy and she's one of my good friends and next to her is Diane and she is yet another one of my good friends... Those are my girls!



This is my sister... if ya couldn't already tell!


Me, A cow, & Christain

This is me and someone dressed as a cow and my friend Christain at Ichthus. It was a 3 day Christan Rock Festival and omg it was sooo much fun! I don't have pictures yet from my mud sliding but dude it was awesome! I got sooo muddy those 3 days... can ya tell how?! haha


Amanda and Eden

They are my best friends.. together we make up the blondie gang. They're like my sisters and I don't know what I would do without them! All we're missing in this is me and Brittany and you'd have the full gang of blondies! HAHA

I <3 You!