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My friends and a few Shout Outs

Eden- You're my best friend! I'm so glad I had you as a friend last year with all the drama. You can always make me laugh and do things... even when my gut tells me not to! We can always make each other laugh! I hope we're friends forever! Good Luck with Justin and all you do in life!
Brittany H- Girl you're one of the best friends a person could ever have! We've never had a fight. Not once! I find it interesting how we've been thru all the same things at almost the same times. I know I can always count on you to be there for me whenever I need you and the same goes for you! Love ya girl!
Amanda H- Love our blonde moments! HAHA! Me and You gotta be the most perverted ppl all the time! That's always fun! Thanks for being a friend... sometimes.
Amanda M- We've been thru a lot. I know we're still in recovery mode so all I can say is i'm always here for you no matter what and I love ya girl! Stay sweet and don't change too much on me. 
Michelle, Morgs P, & Eli- Girls yall are great! Thanks for being there for me!
Katy- We've been friends for a while now and we have our ups and very few downs but I'm glad ur a friend! Thanks!
Samantha- I'm glad we've been able to remain friends even tho u dropped out! Thanks for listening to me wine and complain! And I'll always be here for you!
Tiffany W- Thanks for being there for me! You're a great friend and thanks for sticking up for me when i've needed it!
Aleena- We don't talk much anymore but you're a great friend! thanks for being there for me!
K8E- Thanks for being a friend! We've been kinda friends since 2nd grade and thru the whole Colby thing.. HAHA! Anyways I'm glad we're better friends now.
Diane- You're a good friend! I miss our long notes in Geography last year! HAHA! I can tell you almost nething and know that you'll keep it a secret and not stab me in the back!
Amanda M- We've become really close this year! You're one of my best friends! I'm glad I got to know you! HAHA My church buddy!
To the others... not that ur not important enough for a shout out but I said only a few!
Kelsey P, Kristain, Megan, Megan S, Megan, Brittany, Brittani W, Brittany W, Caitlin(sometimes), Kelsey E, Kelsey B, Ahna, Brittany S, Tiffany E, Tiffany C, Tiffany R, Jessica, Bev, Ashley R, Ashley, Christain, Daniella, Darlene, Jessica B, Jordan, Nicole, Nichole, Sarah H, Sarah R, Tabitha, Tabbi, Laura, Sarah
Anyone else I forgot... SORRY! Remind me and I'll add you!

Theron- I LOVE YOU! HAHA You're one of my best guy friends! Thank You for actually caring last year when nobody else would. I don't know what I'd do with out you!
Joe- You're like another one of my good guy friends. You can be weird and annoying but I love you anyways! Thanks for being a good friend even after I threw the baseball at you... sry!
Brad- You're so awesome! I'm so glad we're friends because you can always make me smile and you ALWAYS smell good! I hope next year we have classes together again.
Levi- You're a great friend. We've been thru a lot and Thank You for being there. I know I can trust you with my secrets and that's hard to find with guys! I love our little chats... HAHA
Alex W- I'm glad I met you... We've been thru some stuff but I'm happy we're still friends. I know I can always count on you to be there for me!
Tyler- You're an awesome guy! I'm glad we're as good of friends as we are! I wouldn't trade that for the world!
Robert- I don't know where to start. I love you and I always will. You were my first kiss and you've left me with so many memories! I don't know what I'd do if you never came along. I'm really sorry we aren't together anymore but I hope we can always be friends. Even though right now it's not looking like we can. I'm sorry I hurt you.
To the other guys... again I said just a few shout outs!
Kraig, Animal, Matt, Will O, Will Q, Josh L, Josh S, Josh Smith, Jake, Colby, Chris, Chris S, Chris E, Zach, Zack, Wes, Phil M, Phil E, Alex W, Alex L, Alex C, D, Bobby, Andrew E, Andrew, Shawn, Scooter, Paul, Mike S, Mike, Mac, Austin B, Austin C, Patrick, Justin, Josh H, Josh T, Stephen, David, Darrol, Don, Tom, Evan, Mouse, Joe R, Aaron, Ryan W, Ryan C, Thomas, Butter, Chris R, Foley, Norman, Shawn, Jon, John, Rich, Jared, David D, Charlie, Matt, Wes D, Louis, David C, David K, Jamie C,  Jamie S, David H, Scott, Ryan, & Trelle
To anyone else I forgot... sry... tell me and I'll add you!

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